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  • 3 differences between Coach & Burberry & why can’t they merge.


    EN – Have you heard the rumours about a possible merge between Burberry and Coach? Although both companies denied any negotiation, last Friday the news leaked in several publications and the industry started to exprese its opinion. What’s mine? It’s true that they are brands for the snob society, for the good boys and girls, for graduates […]

  • Luxury Business & Media Activity
  • The follow up on what YSL beauty is doing to tap Millenials with Zoë Kravitz.


    EN – Do you remember this post where I wrote that YSL Beauty had just tapped Zoë Kravitz as brand ambassador with the objective of creating synergies with fashion and for reaching Millenials? Today I’m going to reveal if they are really doing it. Continue reading and judge by yourself! One of the things that […]