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  • Moschino keeps on playing with dolls, but this time in a very artistic way.


    EN – I normally don’t write fashion show’s reviews because there are already many professionals that do it pretty well. However, I can’t avoid commenting when I see something that stands out. Today I wanted to share with you my impressions of Moschino’s Valley of the Dolls- inspired fashion show, one of the most original ones from Milan Fashion […]

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  • Walls out!


    EN – Dear reader! How did the week go? Finally is #Friyay, and today I hare with you one of my favourite deco trends. Very often we wait for the summer to go before moving apartment or re-decorating. This post goes totally dedicated to those who are thinking about it, as I’m sharing with you stone walls’ inspiration.  Don’t […]

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  • Dior leverages masculinity with a series of Sauvage Men.


    EN – What Dior tried to achieved last year with the launch of Sauvage, is finally taking shape. If you remember, in this post I talked about how bad was the spot of Dior’s latest masculine perfume starring Johnny Deep. However, one year after the brand launches a series of short videos, called Tales Of The Wild, that tell […]