Diversity is finally landing into fashion, discover the latest brand supporting it.

EN – 2016 has been a year of demands in the Fashion and Luxury industry. For example, people started to react towards those brands who only chose caucasian models for their catwalks, or magazines that did they same for their covers. Diversity is a must for the new generations, and brands who won’t embrace it, won’t make […]

Instead of talking about the new President, I’ll talk about the Women’s March on Washington.

EN – Although I’m not from the States, I have the need of writing about a major change on History – The one that is taking place right now at the White House. Of course MG Luxury Market isn’t a politics or economics blog, but we are a site where we discuss about subjects that might interest […]

What happened to Hedi Slimane & other fashion genius that were fired in 2016?

EN – The luxury fashion industry had in 2015 and 2016 major power moves, and especially a few controversial dismissals. As you could read here, on September the 2nd 2015, Massenet suspiciously resigned from Net-A-Porter, the business she founded 15 years ago. Then, in October the same year, Raf Simons left Dior, while he was in […]

Why 2017 will be the year in which retailers will have to embrace omnichannel strategies.

EN – 86% of Millennials used mobile devices while shopping in store over the last holiday season (see more about the ISCS report here). The online presence was in 2016 one of the main challenges of all businesses, and 2017 will be the year of the omnichannel. Brick & Mortars aren’t clearly the future, but neither online […]

Are suitcases the next luxury accessory?

I have the feeling that suitcases are becoming something bigger. In the last month 1. a friend told me about a suitcase’s brand perfect for heavy travellers, 2. I saw a huge advertising campaign of smart suitcases at Zaventern’s Airport, and 3. LVMH bought Rimowa. Travellers have always been an important target for Luxury Brands, but it seems that […]

How far can influencers’ influence get?

EN – This Christmas Campaign I’m seeing that the use of influencers is becoming huge. It’s true that big advertisers have always use celebrities, and that for a little bit more than a year, the word “influencer” started sounding. Nevertheless, this Christmas feels like they have risen to the top of  the marketing director’s desks, concealed under *Native or […]

Cartier launches a more dynamic Winter Tale for 2016. Why?

EN – What would be a Christmas without Cartier’s Winter Tale? The jewellery brand launched last Wednesday their yearly Christmas movie. For 2016 Cartier went for a more dynamic approach and included New York and its lights as part of the video’s codes. In my opinion, they’ve distanced their communication from their classical and traditional tone of voice, […]

Which intentions hide behind La Perla’s new Ready to Wear collection?

EN – La Perla, the most iconic luxury lingerie brand, will launch its first ready to wear collection for spring/summer 2017. This big diversification comes with the entry of Julia Haart as the brand’s new creative director. Mrs. Haart plans to design clothes that, as La Perla’s lingerie has been doing since 1954, can enhance […]

3 differences between Coach & Burberry & why can’t they merge.

EN – Have you heard the rumours about a possible merge between Burberry and Coach? Although both companies denied any negotiation, last Friday the news leaked in several publications and the industry started to exprese its opinion. What’s mine? It’s true that they are brands for the snob society, for the good boys and girls, for graduates […]