Meet Girlboss #2: Itziar Fuentes for Homies Marbella

EN – Dear reader, I’m extremely happy to announce a new section on MG Luxury Market. A section where I will have the pleasure of sharing with you the personal and professional experience of wonderful women, entrepreneurs, who decided to take control of their careers and in one word, of their lives. As you know, in MG Luxury Market we are fierce admirers of these women, who with their passion and work, they might change the world.

Said this, I’m happy to present you Itziar Fuentes (@coco_cuba), 27 years old, from Marbella, co-founder of the creative design studio Cool & Marbellous, and the clothing brand, Homies Marbella. Check out my interview to this girlboss bellow!

ES – Querido lector, estoy contentísima de anunciar una nueva sección en MG Luxury Market. Una sección en la que compartiré la experiencia personal y profesional de mujeres extraordinarias, emprendedoras, quienes decidieron tomar el control de sus carreras y en definitiva, de sus vidas. Cómo sabéis, en MG Luxury Market somos grandes admiradores de estas mujeres, las cuales con su pasión y trabajo ayuden a cambiar el mundo. 

Dicho esto, os presento a Itziar Fuentes (@coco_cuba), de Marbella, quién con solo 27 años es cofundadora de la boutique creativa Cool & Marbellous, y de la marca de ropa Homies Marbella ¡No te pierdas mi entrevista con esta girlboss más abajo!

How and when did you start your own projects?

“It all started 4 years ago, when one of my best friends and I decided to start a blog about design and aesthetics. We worked hard on it for 2 years and then opened our Creative Agency. As we knew how to use design programs one day we made a fake design of a hoodie with Homies Marbella printed on it and posted it on Instagram. It was such a success that we decided to start producing. It all started as something funny! Now we have our Creative Agency, Cool Marbelous and a fashion brand, Homies Marbella. Two different businesses but connected at the same time.”

Marbella is a small city in Spain, how does that impact your business? Wouldn’t it be easier on big cities, where you can access more clients and suppliers?

The good thing about Marbella is the range of opportunities that you can find with different kind of clients, so for the Creative Agency it means to be on a very interesting place. As Marbella is a very touristic place, we gain a lot of brand exposure to different people. They come, they buy the items, and they wear them all over the world. Social Media has also been a very powerful tool for us.

I see that you are very active on Instagram both with your personal (@coco_cuba) & professional (@homiesmarbella) accounts. How did social networks impact your life? 

Social Media is the most powerful tool for our type of business. Understanding the digital landscape can make you very successful so that’s why I am personally very active on Instagram. Due to focussing that much time on my brand and client’s Instagram accounts, I find it difficult to take some time to create good content for my own.

For the first time ever, with a few resources you can make yourself some space in the market. You just have to be the best and that is what we are trying to be.

But Social Media also favours copies. You just need to Google Homies to see that there are a few similar clothing brands to yours. How do you face that?

If they copy you that means that you are succeeding. Just be sure to be protected legally.

Any advice to other women that would like to launch their own business?

  1. Don’t start a business if you’re not ready to work all day, every day
  2. Trust your instincts
  3. To be great, you have to fight.

Has the fact of being a woman ever limited your career?

I’ve always wanted to be great at something, and I’ve found that I’m pretty good at a few things. In my opinion, that’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You have to be very adaptable. Most of my clients are men but I never felt that as a problem. I am a strong woman, and I am not afraid of dealing with men.

We are wearing Marbella Tour Hoodie, and Curve Cup, both from Homies. Shooting made by Helena de Wind.

Have a lovely day!

Llevamos la sudadera Marbella Tour Hoodie y gorra Curve Cup, ambos de Homies. Fotos hechas por Helena de Wind.

¡Qué tengas un buen día!